Clean Smart

Simply using a find/replace can leave you with the same or even worse conditions than when you started. Consider the situation where you want to eliminate multiple tabs. How many times do you need to run a find/replace command? Over and over and over because tabs that were between tabs have now come together causing a second set of double tabs. Consider this for multiple spaces, returns… on and on.

Have you ever been puzzled over the order you should do find/replace? Double spaces first? Multiple returns first? What if something is removed and creates a situation you want to eliminate?

Text Cleaner runs the cleaning operations in the best possible sequence. Text Cleaner is also savvy enough to know measurements are not quotes and which way year apostrophes point (90’s or ’90).  Text Cleaner knows when to use en and em dashes, ellipses and ligatures and how to set professional typesetting in seconds.

Text Cleaner doesn’t just replace, it analyzes the content using a context-sensitive engine and does exactly what you ask in the best way possible. Give your brain a rest.