The Tool for Design and Editing Pros

Text Cleaner is the tool used by graphic designers, editors and web designers, to reduce text cleanup time to seconds. Em and en dashes, smart quotes and ligatures are set or removed, unwanted spaces, tabs, returns are eliminated, making search-and-replace prep work a thing of the past. Typesetting marks and more are set in an instant.

Unlike search and replace, there’s no need to perform tasks several times over. Click once and all cleaning functions are performed simultaneously and in the best possible sequence.

Text Cleaner is Flexible

Copy and Paste
Copy text from just about anywhere. Clean and paste back in, or to another location.

Text Files
Clean one file or batch process. Create batch sets for drag and drop.

Select text within a live InDesign (or InCopy) document and clean it on the spot.

Select text within a live QuarkXPress document and clean it on the spot.

Text Cleaner is Smart

  • All operations are performed in one pass, eliminating multiple search and replace jobs.
  • The best possible cleaning sequence is used.
  • Context sensitive rules analyze content and act accordingly.
  • Presets allow settings to be saved for quick access and import/export between workstations
  • Simple and quick to use.

Conversions Available (simultaneous)

  • Ligatures (set/remove)
  • Multiple Spaces
  • Spaces before/after em dashes, tabs, periods and returns
  • Double hyphen to em dash (or vice versa)
  • Space hyphen space to em dash (or vice versa)
  • Hyphen between numbers to en dash
  • Periods to ellipsis (or vice versa)
  • Multiple tabs to single tabs
  • Multiple returns to single or double returns
  • Straight quote to curly quote (or vice versa)
  • Correct inch and foot measurements
  • Correct apostrophe for years
  • Change case (upper, lower, sentence caps, title caps)
  • Remove email quotes
  • Line breaks to wrapped text
  • Remove line feeds
  • Remove HTML tags
  • Custom (up to 10 simultaneous user defined cleaning operations)
  • Any ASCII character to any other character (even invisible)